Understanding the Support for the Best Loan Option

Do you want to optimize the financing of your operating cycle in France or abroad? Factoring is a solution for short-term financing and management of your receivables, which adapts to the cycle of your activity to allow you to develop with confidence.

How it works?

You transfer your customer invoices online and you are financed within 24 hours without waiting for their due date.

If you wish, you entrust us with the management of your receivables: the recovery, amicable and contentious, and the recovery of your invoices. For the factoring loans this is important.

You can also keep this receivables management in your hand and keep the transaction confidential to your debtors.

You benefit from commercial information about your customers, and are guaranteed up to 100% against the risk of unpaid, if they become insolvent.

For who?

Factoring is aimed at professionals, farmers, companies, from the TPE to the large international group via the ETI , having a B to B clientele in France or internationally.

Why choose factoring?

  • You finance the operating cycle of your business and secure your cash flow
  • You protect your business against the risk of unpaid bills
  • You optimize your time to focus on your core business
  • You benefit from expertise in the management of receivables

Here is the official definition of the Bank of France for Factoring: “The Factoring or Full Factoring operation consists of a transfer of trade receivables from their holder to a factor which is responsible for making the recovery and which in guarantees the good end, even in case of momentary or permanent failure of the debtor. The factor may settle in advance all or part of the amount of the transferred receivables “.

The offshore factoring is a technique inspired by the classical factoring; it is possible to use it in 2 ways:

You use the services of Factoring companies in Switzerland or the United Kingdom for example,

You create your offshore company and manage your factoring operations yourself

Factoring companies in Switzerland or the United Kingdom

  • These companies can put at your disposal a factoring center (often based in Switzerland, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland or Luxembourg) so that you entrust the billing of your services.
  • A new service agreement is signed between your Customer and the Factoring Center, and you remain the service provider at your Customer.
  • Each month you decide on the billing to be sent to your customer and the desired breakdown, when paying this bill.
  • The disadvantage of this kind of structure is the commission you will pay, and their eventual reputation with your customers.

Factoring via your Offshore Company

In this case, you use this offshore structure directly to bill your client for your services. The money is paid into a bank account abroad that you can use without declaring it (use of a visa card or withdrawal card for example).

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