Repair maintenance and refuelling of air conditioners

When the repair of the air conditioner is inevitable, it is necessary to evaluate several important points:

  1. The cost of repairs and all overhead associated with the restoration of the split system.
  2. Service life. Probably, the necessary spare parts are no longer produced and the repair of the air conditioner will be greatly delayed. And the installed new spare parts will give a new strain to the old units, which can lead to the failure of functioning, but obsolete equipment.
  3. Prices for spare parts. Especially if a very old climate system is being repaired, the prices for spare parts can exceed the cost of a new air conditioner assembly.

Service and maintenance of air conditioners in Singapore

Good at aircon servicing Singapore includes diagnostics, maintenance, refuelling and disinfection and cleaning of the air conditioner. If the diagnosis shows the need for repair, the cost of repairs is discussed additionally.

Service is necessary to eliminate the negative effects of the environment on the air conditioner and to prevent the occurrence of malfunctions that affect its operation. For individuals and organizations, we propose to conclude a long-term or one-off contract for the maintenance of air conditioners, which will protect your equipment from failure at the most crucial moment due to a banal oversight.

The complex of works on the maintenance of air conditioners includes: diagnostics of the compressor and the general state of the climate system, maintenance and cleaning of filters, radiators of internal and external units, search for and elimination of refrigerant leaks, refrigeration of the air conditioner, cleaning or repair of the drainage system.

Disinfection of indoor unit

There are times when it is necessary to eliminate the consequences of poor-quality installation, which are reflected in the operation of the split system. Such installation will damage the compressor and lead to the inevitable repair of the split system. The leak of freon and the breakdown of expensive equipment in the first year is most often the “merit” of low-skilled workers.

Services for the maintenance of air conditioners

When performing maintenance work, the specialists of Reliable aircon repair Singapore provide the following services for maintenance of air conditioners:

  • Complete diagnostics of the compressor and the general condition of the air conditioner is necessary in order to understand the state of the most important part of the split system on which its safe operation depends, as well as to determine what works are required for the split system in the first place, and for what turn has not yet come;
  • Maintenance of air conditioners, that is, complete cleaning of the air conditioner, checking the condition of electrical connections, refrigerant pressure, compressor capacity, etc .;
  • Cleaning filters, as well as cleaning the radiators of indoor and outdoor units from unavoidable pollution;
  • Elimination of refrigerant leaks – if the leakage of freon is not eliminated in time, it can lead to the breakdown of the compressor, the replacement of which will be very expensive;

Individuals and organizations offer to conclude a one-time or long-term contract for the maintenance of air conditioners in Singapore, the maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation, maintenance of precision air conditioners, where the cost of maintaining air conditioners will be immediately indicated.



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